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DAS Example

Here is an example of how a Debt Arrangement Scheme could make your debts affordable:

Let say your unsecured debts
looked like this...

Credit Card: £4,000

Personal Loan: £19,000

Store Card: £5,000

Total Owed £28,000

Current monthly£1,100

After a DAS...

New monthly£194

New monthly repayment is based on affordability and varies from plan to plan.

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Could the Debt Arrangement Scheme affect your job?

Even though the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) is one of the most flexible debt management tools available, you may still have some worries about the effect it will have on your job. What if your boss finds out? Should you tell your employers you’ve joined DAS? Will it stop you from getting another job? Below are some of the most common questions people have about the effect that the Debt Arrangement Scheme could have on their ability to keep their job.


Can I join the Debt Arrangement Scheme if I’m unemployed?

DAS will only work if you have a job because you need a minimum of at least £50 left over after your living expenses are paid. Creditors cannot be paid using money you receive from benefits, so if you are unemployed you cannot apply for DAS, although there is no problem being on the Debt Arrangement Scheme while being paid child benefit or tax credits. As long as you have a wage coming in, you can apply to join DAS.

Could the Debt Arrangement Scheme affect my ability to get a job?

Generally there should be no problem getting a job when you are on DAS. The only exceptions to this could be if you have a job of financial responsibility or are a member of the Police, Fire Service or Prison Service. To hold one of these positions means going through strict financial vetting procedures and usually have strict rules about debt and debt management solutions, although the Debt Arrangement Scheme does not require you to declare insolvency as an IVA or Scottish Trust Deed and so may not be viewed as seriously.

Why would these occupations have rules about being on the Debt Arrangement Scheme?

If you are in a position of trust or have a responsibility regarding access to confidential information and/or money, a large unmanageable debt could make you vulnerable to corruption or blackmail. Despite clearly managing your debt with DAS, it is still obvious that at some point in the past you could have been made bankrupt and were vulnerable to outside influences. Solicitors and accountants also have rules they must abide by regarding debt management solutions, which are enforced by their professional bodies.

If you are unsure whether your job prevents you from embarking on certain debt management solutions, you should take professional advice and have your employment contract checked. It may contain a ‘restrictive covenant’ – that is a clause that stipulates you must not enter into specific debt management solutions. If you find there is speak to your employer’s Professional Standards and/or Welfare team before going ahead. If you have a complicated contract and cannot understand some of the conditions, perhaps because of the excessive legal jargon, give one of our Debt Arrangement Scheme Advisers a quick call and they will help you pinpoint the appropriate clauses.

Does my employer need to know about me being on the Debt Arrangement Scheme?

Unless you are one of the professions above, it isn’t necessary for your employer to know. It is highly unlikely for them to find out you are on DAS. Even though there is a register of individuals on DAS, this is for lenders and financial professionals only and the general public don’t have a great deal of access to it. There is a very slim chance of someone finding out if they go to great lengths to specifically search for your name but generally you will be pretty save as long as you keep your correspondence about DAS out of sight. If you are worried about what your boss might say or do if they find out about DAS, it makes sense not to discuss it at work in case one of your co-workers mentions it to your boss in passing.

Could I lose my job if my employers find out about the Debt Arrangement Scheme?

Unless you are in one of the professions above, it is unlikely that being on DAS could affect your ability to do your job and therefore there should be no risk of losing it. Unless stipulated as part of your employment contract, it is against the law for your employer to fire you because you have debt.

The Debt Arrangement Scheme offers many people an almost perfect solution to the burden of unmanageable debt. However, your job, your job is also important as it is the sole means by which you will be paying your debts back. If there is any possibility DAS could affect your job, it is important you take professional advice from one of our Debt Arrangement Scheme Advisors before going ahead. Call now on 0141 345 2904 to speak to one of them in confidence.

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