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DAS Example

Here is an example of how a Debt Arrangement Scheme could make your debts affordable:

Let say your unsecured debts
looked like this...

Credit Card: £4,000

Personal Loan: £19,000

Store Card: £5,000

Total Owed £28,000

Current monthly£1,100

After a DAS...

New monthly£194

New monthly repayment is based on affordability and varies from plan to plan.

Key information

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When your circumstances change what will happen under A Debt Arrangement Scheme?

Life can often throw you unexpected problems and challenges. Left unaddressed, these can have an impact on your DPP that could cause you to default on a payment and lead to your DPP being revoked. That’s why the A Debt Arrangement Scheme programme has been created to be simple to change if your circumstances take a turn for the better or worse.

A change to your DPP – called a ‘variation’ – can only be made if the A Debt Arrangement Scheme administrator agrees with it, and the circumstances under which they can covers most eventualities:

  • If you have undergone a material change of circumstances between DPP reviews so that you have an increase or decrease in surplus income i.e. new job or redundancy
  • If the creditor agrees you no longer need to pay them
  • If a debt was missed off the original DPP application
  • When a future debt becomes due i.e interest-free loans for goods or services that start being paid back after a set period of time
  • If you are a guarantor for someone else’s debt and it becomes due for payment
  • If you have an emergency and need credit to deal with it, for example: repairs to make your home sound, repair or replacement of a vehicle that gets you to work, washing machine breakdown, funeral expenses, medical emergency, contractor services (plumber, electrician etc)

In these cases, the amount of money you pay your creditors may increase or decrease, the length of your DPP term may increase or decrease, or a new condition may be attached to your DPP.

Who can apply for a variation?

It’s not just you who can decide a variation is needed. Your money adviser may also make a recommendation for a variation, as could your creditors and the A Debt Arrangement Scheme administrator. However, with the latter two possibilities, they must talk to your money adviser, who will in turn discuss the matter with you. Ideally they need to gain your agreement on the change, although sometimes they can push to attach a condition or make a variation if they believe the DPP is no longer fair and reasonable whether or not you consent. This does not happen very often, as they prefer to discuss and come to an agreement that satisfies everyone concerned..

What does the A Debt Arrangement Scheme administrator look for in an application for variation?

A Debt Arrangement Scheme administrators have to weigh up all of the available information you have provided to your money advisor to make a decision about whether to grant or turn down your variation application. Some of the things they will be looking for include:

  • the total amount of debt you owe
  • the length of time the DPP will operate for
  • the method and frequency of payments
  • any comment made by your money adviser
  • any of your assets which could be sold to pay the debt
  • your views
  • the views of any creditor taking part in the DPP
  • the views of a creditor who is not yet part of the DPP
  • any other factor the A Debt Arrangement Scheme administrator considers to be important.

Whether or not the variation is granted, your application will be recorded in the A Debt Arrangement Scheme register.

What happens when the A Debt Arrangement Scheme administrator makes their decision?

If they grant the variation, the A Debt Arrangement Scheme administrator will write to all parties concerned and tell them, as well as officially recording the approval of the variation on the A Debt Arrangement Scheme register. Your money adviser will receive a copy of the decision from them so they can talk over any new actions that have to be taken to put the variation into effect in your DPP.

If an application for a variation has not been approved, the A Debt Arrangement Scheme administrator will tell the money advisor and explain their reasons for turning down the application. These reasons are NOT recorded on the A Debt Arrangement Scheme register. In turn, the money adviser will talk to you about this and you can decide between you what actions need to be taken about the issue the variation was going to address.

Variations have been designed to a) allow changes to be made, b) reduce the likelihood of payment default when your circumstances change and c) to ensure your DPP is always fair and reasonable to both you and your creditors. For more information about variations and A Debt Arrangement Scheme, call to speak in confidence to one of our A Debt Arrangement Scheme consultants who will talk you through your options and point you in the right direction.

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