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DAS Example

Here is an example of how a Debt Arrangement Scheme could make your debts affordable:

Let say your unsecured debts
looked like this...

Credit Card: £4,000

Personal Loan: £19,000

Store Card: £5,000

Total Owed £28,000

Current monthly£1,100

After a DAS...

New monthly£194

New monthly repayment is based on affordability and varies from plan to plan.

Key information

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Debt Arrangement Scheme pros and cons...

Despite how simple and flexible A Debt Arrangement Scheme is, it is just one of many debt solutions available to you and like all financial management tools it has its advantages and disadvantages


You have more time to pay

A Debt Arrangement Scheme enables you to set up a Debt Payment Plan (DPP) for as long as you need it to run to pay off all of your debts. Generally DPPs run from 3 to 8 years, although sometimes up to 12 years or longer will be accepted for large debts.

You pay what you can afford

Whatever surplus income is left after your living expenses are accounted for is split equally between your creditors, with each creditor usually receiving less than the amount you were originally contracted to pay. Many creditors are receptive to this, because a DPP means you have committed to paying them back all of what you have borrowed.

A Debt Arrangement Scheme protects you from enforcement action

Once the A Debt Arrangement Scheme administrator approves your DPP your creditors cannot take action to sequester you or obtain earnings arrestment or property attachment. Any action that is going through the courts will stop, unless you are already subject to a bankruptcy restrictions order (including an interim order) or bound by a bankruptcy restrictions undertaking. In these cases, your DPP will not be approved by the A Debt Arrangement Scheme administrator and the action will go ahead..

Your debts will not increase

Creditors generally wont add and furher interst or charges until you complete your DPP.

You do not deal with your creditors

Instead of the stress and hassle of dealing with unpleasant creditors, your money adviser handles all of the negotiations of your DPP and, once approved, a payments distributor arranges the payments. At no time should you come into contact with a creditor.

You are not declaring yourself insolvent

Some debt management solutions involve a legal process that confirms to your creditors that you are insolvent. This is very risky. If a debt management solution – like a Trust Deed - fails for whatever reason, your creditors could move straight away to have you sequestered based on your admission of insolvency. With A Debt Arrangement Scheme, you are simply setting up a payment plan and making no admission of insolvency at all.

Your assets are usually not included

Unless you own outright some very valuable non-essential assets, you do not have to hand over anything to be sold to release cash to creditors. There are some exceptions to this. A Debt Arrangement Scheme administrators class assets as either essential or non-essential. For example, having a car may be essential for you to get to work, however having an extremely expensive car that you own outright is not. Under those circumstances you may be required to sell you car to release some cash and buy a less expensive model. However, that is a decision that the A Debt Arrangement Scheme administrator may or may not make.

You learn financial management skills

Because you will have to stick to a budget without credit as a safety net and you have the help of a money adviser, you will end up being much better at handling your finances. Once you are debt-free, the skills you have learnt will help you build a much brighter future for yourself and your family.


You must go through a money adviser

You cannot make an application for a DPP yourself. The Scottish Government has set up A Debt Arrangement Scheme this way to ensure that you receive unbiased financial advice and debt counseling that is specific to your circumstances, and to ensure you understand the commitment you are taking on.

You must pay a fee to the payments distributor

Unlike money advisers, who may or may not charge for their service, a payment distributor always charges. However, their fees are capped at a maximum level of 10% of the payments you make. Considering they shield you from dealing with multiple creditors, it is only to be expected they will make a charge for their service.

You must have more than one debt

Unfortunately, even if you have a very large single debt, you will not be eligible to apply for A Debt Arrangement Scheme. However, having more than one debt with the same creditor would be classed as having multiple debts and you would be eligible..

You must be a permanent resident in Scotland

Although A Debt Arrangement Scheme rules do not specify how long you must have lived in Scotland to be classed as a permanent resident, your money adviser would probably consider you a resident if you live full time in Scotland and have a permanent job. If you have only lived in Scotland for a couple of months and are working on a temporary contract, you may find the A Debt Arrangement Scheme administrator would not consider you eligible to apply

You can only make one application in any 12-month period

Unfortunately, you can only apply once a year for A Debt Arrangement Scheme, so if your application is rejected you will have to wait another 12 months. This is designed to stop people abusing the A Debt Arrangement Scheme system as a method of simply delaying court proceedings, rather than being serious about getting out of debt.

You will be on the scheme until your debts are paid off

In contrast to some debt management solutions where you could take a payment holiday, you cannot stop making payment to your creditor without the express permission of the A Debt Arrangement Scheme administrator. If you miss payments, your DPP may be revoked.

Your credit rating will be affected

As you have broken the terms of your original contract with your creditors, they will record you as being in default on your debts, and this will show up on your credit record for a few years. However, unlike some debt management solutions that are associated with insolvency, the A Debt Arrangement Scheme scheme is not regarded in that way and it is likely your credit will recover quickly once your debts are paid off.

For more information about the pros and cons of the A Debt Arrangement Scheme, call to speak in confidence to one of our A Debt Arrangement Scheme consultants who will talk you through your options and point you in the right direction.

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